The importance of play-based learning for a child’s progressive development

play based learning

It is no doubt that all children were born unique and highly inquisitive. It is almost as though they were born to question every single move that parents make and probe every word that is spoken.

Children are the little explorers of the curious and enchanting world around them. The world which constantly calls them to venture out and learn about every single aspect that crosses their path. 

Playtime in the past was considered more a past-time or a time filler, with no actual benefits other than to keep children occupied. 

What many people do not know or realise, is that play is a form of learning for every child and in fact, a vital aspect of their learning journey as they develop their fundamental life skills every single day. 

Take for example, how something as small as a twig, or a weed growing from the grass, or even an ant carrying a crumb upon its back, is fascinating for children. Their little minds will begin to question things that adults would not remotely consider. 

Things that adults often seem to overlook, is a world of possibilities for children to use their imagination and explore further.

Play-based learning allows children to explore the outdoors, to get their hands and knees a little dirty, which will encourage their little adventures and let their imagination to run away with them. 

When children are confined to the indoors, they are missing out on a whole world where they can freely express themselves. One that they may thrive in.

Play-based learning encourages children to explore nature around them and connect with natural resources such as water, mud and sand. 

This further encourages young children to explore their skills and fosters their growth in multiple areas such as their social, emotional, cognitive, creative and physical development. 

Why is there a spotlight on the importance of play-based learning in early childhood?

What most parents want for their children is to become the best versions of themselves. This is why it is very important for parents to give each of their children the opportunity to grow, explore, learn, laugh and cry. 

Play-based learning will instil in children many of these qualities, allowing them to become the best versions of themselves as they will begin to learn things their own way and at their own pace.

Unprovoked learning through play is how children more effectively learn as well as absorb fundamental information which will aid their growth in other areas of their life later on.

The main responsibilities of early childhood educators are to provide children with a nurturing environment where they are free to explore and experience the world around, providing an unbound space for continuous learning.

These are five benefits of play-based learning:

1 Play helps children learn Through play-based learning, children develop skills such as; physical abilities, social skills, cognitive development as well as, vocabulary and literacy.  
2 Increases health levels  Getting children to be active both indoors and outdoors will help keep them healthy and instil good habits of maintaining physical activity, from a young age. 
3 Liberating There is a time and place for every program offered at early learning care centres. From academia to play based learning, changing it up will be liberating for children and will help them focus better on each learning program. 
Play also reduces stress and anxiety levels of children and is a good outlet for them to express their feelings while growing at the same time. 
4 Enables growth in other aspects It is important for your child to have a positive interaction with other children and develop these vital social skills. Play-based learning fosters a nurturing environment with their peers and educators. Children will learn how to communicate, share toys and ask questions as well as engage in conversation about topics important to them. 
5 Playing and learning go together like Yin and Yang These two aspects of early childhood education go hand in hand with each other. One is not more important than the other, they are equally essential in fostering a healthy and nurturing environment for every child, especially in their young lives. Play and learning are both very important aspects for providing the foundations for children as they transition to other stages of their lives. 

Therefore it is essential that parents and carers provide a safe and caring environment for young children to express, explore and develop their individual skills at their own pace. 

As odd as it may seem, it is quite common to associate children’s abilities to the purpose of a sponge. Similar to how they absorb liquid, children comparably absorb information. 

Children absorb a great deal of information on a daily basis, taking in everything they observe. 

Absorbing information from their peers, parents as well as educators it is important that children are not exposed to anything that could have detrimental impacts on their physical or mental wellbeing. 

Supporting your child through their developmental stages will be the ultimate key in creating a smooth transition from child care into preschool.

A child’s early learning environment impacts every stage of their life thereafter, so it is essential that children are given every opportunity possible. 

The passionate educators at Albany Creek Kids believe in providing an environment where every child can be as adventurous as they like to ask as many questions as they need. 

Every child is unique which is the reason behind the tailored Evolution program to ensure children receive a comprehensive approach to early learning. 

At Albany Creek Kids, staff are strongly focused on providing developmental, emotional and social support for every child offering a daily program that is segmented into key aspects ensuring children of all ages receive a holistic education.

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